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Welcome to Eccelude, your strategic partner in conquering challenges and embracing opportunities worldwide. As a leading global consulting company hailing from Norway, we possess a unique prowess in tailoring solutions to thrive in any environment. With a track record of excellence, we're passionate about transforming obstacles into stepping stones for your success.

About the Founder:
Our founder, Aake Elden, PhD, MSc, BA, PgDIP, brings over 25 years of experience in strategy, business development, medical affairs, and organizational management. As the owner of this global medical consulting company, Aake is a highly skilled leader with a proven track record of integrating scientific expertise with marketing, communication, and technological innovation. His focus is always on the consumer and patient.

Aake is passionate about solving corporate challenges, bringing vision and ideas to life, creating value, and driving the design and development of scalable solutions through human-centric and lean approaches. His collaborative approach involves working closely with internal and external stakeholders, delivering exceptional results while pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Our Services:
At Eccelude, we empower you to make swift and informed decisions, reducing risks while driving transformative growth. Our ThinkTank policy offers a versatile range of engagement options to align with your distinct requirements, ensuring we meet your aspirations every step of the way.

Explore the vast expanse of possibilities with our innovative brainstorming sessions, where ideas take flight and concepts materialize into reality. Embrace new ecosystems and practitioner mindsets that propel your organization forward, all while wielding an arsenal of cutting-edge tools for groundbreaking change.

We redefine innovation and foster a dynamic mindset, delivering on-demand project management expertise that ensures your vision manifests with brilliance.

Our Clients:
Join the ranks of distinguished companies that have experienced the Eccelude advantage. Our esteemed clientele includes visionary names in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, where we've left an indelible mark on their journey to greatness.

Unlock the potential of your business with Eccelude - where brilliance meets strategy, and success becomes a reality. Your global triumph awaits, and we are ready to embark on this transformative journey with you!
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  • We grow your business in the right way: Expand sustainably with our integrated marketing and medical affairs strategies, enhancing brand credibility and patient outcomes for long-term success. 

  • We increase your auditory in the global market: Expand your global reach with tailored strategies and innovative roadmaps, positioning your company as an industry leader.

  • We save your time and money with a new business strategy: Optimize operations with efficient strategies focused on cost management and prioritization, maximizing profitability and saving resources.

  • We implement the strengths of employees by analyzing behavior and psychological factors: Enhance team performance by leveraging strengths through behavioral and psychological analysis, fostering collaboration and success.

  • We use marketing research with customers experience to make innovative ideas: Drive innovation with insights from marketing research and customer experience analysis, ensuring your products meet market demands.


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