26 Sep

FOCUS. Choose your target audience. It is important to focus on what you are really good at. From all skills and qualities, choose the main one.

ORIGINALITY. A personal brand should be unique and different from competitors. It can be non-standard look or a unique story. This applies the visual impression of you and the ideas you promote.

VALUES. Each brand carries its own philosophy, guidelines and clear goals. The values of a personal brand will help you form a circle of like-minded people and attract the attention of people who share your worldview.

REPUTATION. This is what makes people trust you and everything you do. The stronger the belief in your reputation, the easier it is for you to promote yourself. Work on your reputation and one day it will start working for you.

AUDIENCE. A personal brand needs exposure. You don't need to be known by everyone - it is enough that you are well known by your target audience. It is important to choose the right communication channel in order to properly communicate with the audience.

A successful personal brand is formed from a set of images, a well-built reputation and an engaged audience that responds to your communication.

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