05 Oct

Psychotype determines the choice of clothes, work, brands, products. Which psychotype a person belongs to depends on genes and cultural influence.

Let's analyze psychotypes on the example of choosing a car ⤵️

The main emotional value of the car category for all psychotypes will be the same - the desire for freedom and autonomy. But each psychotype will have its own additional values.

1️⃣ Adventurers love challenges and new emotions. They strive for achievements and self-realization. They choose innovative cars such as Tesla or Aston Martin.

2️⃣ Performers are focused on efficiency and success. They don't like to feel helpless. Through the car, performers show their status, so they choose expensive cars like Dodge, BMW, Audi.

3️⃣ Disciplinarians are economical, logical, and prefer clear structures. They can choose the Hyundai Solaris or Kia Rio for their cost, simplicity and reliability.

4️⃣ Traditionalists are modest, decent, love structure, and seek to secure themselves in everything. They find protection in the community. Ford Focus is suitable for traditionalists.

5️⃣ Harmonizers are caring and soulful, they are focused on family and harmony. Harmonizers need a sense of security. A safe Volvo or a smart car like the Nissan Leaf will suit them.

6️⃣ Open-Minded Dreamers want adventure, but at the same time they want security. They are often in a good mood and open to new things. Dreamers want to feel comfortable, so they can choose Skoda or Renault.

7️⃣ Hedonists constantly want surprises, changes and excitement. Such people do not like boredom. Hedonists can choose the Mini Cooper because it is interesting and stands out from other cars.

All power in the understanding of people. This is the key to the customer's heart.

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