12 Oct

1️⃣ The greatest reach and recognition is provided by television, but this is expensive. Of course, the market of doctors and clinics aren't ready for such sums. Therefore, the main channel of communication is online.

2️⃣ The website of a clinic or doctor is not just a business card, but an effective conversion tool. The web resource should be visually pleasing and meaningful, without unnecessary elements. Optimize your website for search engines.

3️⃣ The highest rates of online audience engagement are given by four channels:





4️⃣ Involve bloggers. In my experience, this is often a more effective method than advertising on social networks — especially for destinations where there are many restrictions on promotion.

5️⃣ The budget for promotion depends on financial opportunities and the region of country. The opening of a private clinic in a small town will be news to local residents. Also in the capital, no one will notice a new establishment without an advertising campaign.

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